Short CV

Olivier Martin received an M.Sc. degree in EE from École Supérieure d'Électricit?(Supélec), Paris, France in 1964. He joined CERN in 1971, held various positions in the Software Group of the Data Handling Division, and then moved to the Communications Group of the Computing & Networks Division in 1984, where he has been Head of the External Networking Section since 1989. Prior to leading the European Union DataTAG project from 2002 to 2004, he was involved in several others European Union projects (including BETEL, BETEUS and STEN) in the framework of the RACE, ACTS and TEN programs. His research interests include high-speed optical networking, Internet technologies, transport protocols and Grids. Since August 2006, he is an independent ICT consultant working, in particular, as an expert for European Commission’s FP7 ICT projects in the area of "Future Networks".